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Company specialized in Collective Investment of funds and similar financial activities, Career Management of Soccer Players and coaches. We offer dynamic and integrated solutions to achieve excellence and always seeking to exceed the expectations of its representatives and partners.

Dedicated to legal and financial advice to professional athletes and companies.

In the legal and financial advisory area in PEM - INTERNATIONAL SPORT CONSULTING, SL we offer companies, athletes, artists and other entities that develop their activity in the entertainment, entertainment and sports sectors, representation and legal, tax advice and financially.

We have a great knowledge of the sector, having intervened in important lawsuits and issues. This allows us to provide an integral service, adapted to the needs of each client and with the highest quality standards.

The know-how of our renowned professionals, as well as the vast experience of teams in the legal, fiscal and financial disciplines that affect the sporting activity and the entertainment sector, have made the team that makes up the Legal-Financial Department in PEM - INTERNATIONAL SPORT CONSULTING, SL of a deserved prestige, fruit of the seniority and solvency with which we respond to the issues that they entrust to us, of the excellence that we pursue in each and every one of our processes and the wide range of services we offer to our clients.

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Legal and Financial Advice for Athletes

We advise artists, athletes and public figures in the defense and promotion of their rights before producers, photographers, media and football clubs.

Legal and Financial Advice for Companies

We help all types of companies, with our advisory and consulting services, to easily achieve your goals.

Meet our team of contrasted professionals

We work together to achieve a common purpose with our clients, grow from your hand while preserving the essence that characterizes us so much, a personalized service that adapts to the needs of each client.


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Trust and credibility

We have international experience and in-depth knowledge of community law and international treaties, which is essential in a globalized world and in a digital environment in which attention to these issues is essential to achieve effective protection and exploitation of rights of intellectual property.